You should've told Pim.

Panacea knew better than to try to help Mason.

Several houses were washed away by the flood.

They did warn her.


I like that kind of thing.

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You drink milk, don't you?

She arrived there before Dick.

You can put your talents to good use if you become a designer.

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Would you rather come with us?

I'll keep an open mind about it.

I had a talk with her.

Don't let him talk to anyone.

Our next trip is for pleasure, not for work.

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Everything was bad.

I will try to say it guardedly, I will only politely hint at it.

Japan's fiscal year runs from April 1 till March 31 in the following year.

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I thought it was really cute.

Kimberly told me that he was too tired to study.

Edmund has to wait another three hours.

Have you seen my wife?

First, there's something I'd like to show you.

Dolphins are weird.

I'm not done with them.

Honestly, I also want to learn Japanese.

I didn't say I liked him.

Do you sense something unusual?

The heroic deed is an act of the man frightened to death.


Lars is sitting on the front porch, reading a book.

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Vanuatu is in Oceania.

We plan to do what Piet suggests, unless somebody tells we shouldn't.

Sharon threw the book into the fire.


Help yourself to these cakes.


Cooking takes too much time.

What an animal it is!

What's the name of that station?

But that's impossible, professor.

Technology must be used for good, not evil.

He borrowed two books.

There were some expected answers.

She felt as if she had seen a ghost.

I caught five fish yesterday.

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I don't appreciate being lied to.

Are you crying?

She used to be flat-chested - just when did she get so large?

I believe it my duty to protect these children.

John always breaks the ice in class.

Pia's boss made a unilateral decision to close several small branches of the company.

Give me a metal bucket with oil.

We can help them.

The bell rang and the train moved off.


Many new properties are being built in the suburbs.

It seemed almost dangerous.

People are more conscious nowadays and choose healthy food.

He went to Osaka on official business.

I hope Stephanie follows your instructions.

Reiner says he doesn't know what Juergen wants to do.

Her knowledge of English is great.

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I'm thinking.

Don't panic. I'm sure Amos will know how to handle this problem.

So, what do we do in the meantime?


Dad bought me books.

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Is this the key you're looking for?

I wonder when the meeting's going to start.

Saiid will talk to us about it later.

Do you want a list?

Eddie said something to Ima that I didn't hear.

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Spring has arrived early.

List spent the day with Jason.

I need some water.

Saad is apparently a busy man.

You have an hour.

We were destined to meet one day.

May I ask you some questions about your name?

We're hoping for something better.

He looked on the plan as impossible.

What did Dennis tell you about that?

Could you do it?


English has many loan words from French.

You'll hardly recognize Anton the next time you see him.

In general the relation between parents and children is essentially based on teaching.

Hal has forgiven me.

She suffers from a chronic illness.

Who knows the flavor of misfortune knows how it tastes to others.

I was nervous at first.

The dominance of English in many countries made people speak their native languages less.

Let's just do it now.

Craig has lost his car key.

I'm a conservative.

Please wait a little while longer.

What's your other option?

He was the perfect man for her.

I had hardly started to eat when I noticed that she was crying.

Mark looked like death warmed up after going on a three-day bender.

I love Kabyle food.

Because it is there.

Derek said nobody had been injured.

I hope everybody is on our side.

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

Why don't you ask for a day off?

You're much smarter than I am.


I lost my key about here.

No drugs were found.

I did what Dani ordered me to do.

You'll need a screwdriver.

I often sit up late at night to read.

Dogs are smart.

He asked me to wake him at six.

I have no mind to go for a walk.

How many trees are there in this park?

I was hoping you'd consider my request.

Keep quiet in bed for a while.

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I have patients who need me.

What don't you like?

If you don't work, you shouldn't eat.


He says his son can count up to 100 now.

You sure do talk a lot.

If you believe in God,neither superstitious ill deed nor well deed will affect you

Disable the alarm.

If it were up to us, we'd say no.

Peter denied that he was Christ's disciple.

I've never lost a fight.

I've done that a couple of times.

Some enterprises have more than a thousand employees.


Why should he leave?


Joe is addicted to Coke, but he doesn't like Pepsi.

I have a rash on my neck.

She reaped a rich harvest from her study abroad.

Our high school decides to adopt a new teaching method.

An announcement is expected soon.

Honest men and knaves may possibly wear the same cloth.

We have to find the right person for each position.

I'm looking for a book of jokes.

John isn't here.


They are fulfilling the commandment to host guests.

I never even met them.

That's why I told you not to go alone.

Does he speak Portuguese?

Jenine was a woman of subtle beauty.

After I talked with my teacher, I decided to work hard.

It's time to face the music.

Seeing the son of a whore throwing rocks at a crowd, he said: "Be careful, you could hit your father."

You had no way of knowing that that would happen.

It was because she had faith in his capabilities.

The candidates thoroughly argued the point.

This is a bag of her own making.

Instead of watching television, the children played outside.

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Math is like love - a simple idea, but it can get complicated.

What is hemoglobin?

Let me tell you an interesting story.

Today, it's Monday.

The criminal is still at large.

She encouraged him to write a novel.

It is indiscriminate revenge.

Stay here and keep an eye on Fred.

My mother cut the cake.

There's nothing more we can do.

He is a brave and cheerful boy.

I'm not going to die.

I'm glad you're okay.

It disgusts me.

I'm pretty good at guessing.

This is a picture of them.

Norm posed as a technician to enter the restricted area.


Maybe I should spend an hour with Mario.

Is Seenu a Canadian?

I'll be back as soon as I can.

How do you pronounce your last name?

The quality of rice is going down.

He would sometimes study late at night when young.

Can I use my travelers' checks to pay the fee?

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This elevator's capacity is ten people.

I wonder how Cathrin is doing.

Thunderstorms are scary.

Our lives are in your hands.

You treated the decision so casually, now you must suffer the consequences.